On Ancient Ages

Through my travels I have had the grace and fortune to encounter many texts on the deep and ancient days of our world. Of these many tales I have compiled the best translations and most consistent stories to transmit to you, noble reader, the ages past of our Aetah.


Of this distant age we know little with any detail or accuracy save that many gods and immortals roamed the sodden earth and the torpid seas. This age was a dark time for mortal life, for many powers battled and maneuvered here. Many tales of mortal heroes who rose to ascendancy in this time are known across the world, but equally many tails of terrible forces to awesome for our ken circulate among scholars and storytellers alike. Whichever of these tails are true and which are drunken fancy, it is likely that many of the great Extra-Planar powers that we now know of and study were at work in this time, and in the estimation of many learned scholars, myself among them, many more of these beings which are lost to our understanding.


At some point through the hadean noise, a beacon of order arose in the form of Dragons. Understand that these were not the dragons we know of today, fearsome beasts of cunning intelligence and ancient wisdom and power. The ancient Drakes that took the world in their claws and dragged it from the prime chaos were creatures on the scale of gods. Ancient beyond measure, they drew about themselves mortal worshipers and forged civilizations with themselves as immortal kings, banishing many of the Outsiders and forming the world into the shapes we know of it today. Though they are now scarce, these early devotees of the Draconic overlords scribed the oldest known works of language we know read. But it was not eternal, for the Great Drakes were ultimately consumed by conflict between their kingdoms and fought wars with each other on unimaginable scales and drove each other into oblivion.


In the great vacuum of power left by these overlords many more creatures sought to fill their station. Of these successors, undoubtedly the most successful were the Fae. More accurately, their mortal descendants, Elves, Gnomes, Goblins and more who gave

On Ancient Ages

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