Eiatah: Dreams from the Deep

Seren's Journal III

- 6 -

We must leave this place immediately. It will not be long before the missing soldiers are sought after by their superiors and our collective actions come to light.

Unsatisfied with our already poor reputation amongst those working for the usurper prince, the warlock took great pains to find and rob the camp of the soldiers we killed. While I cannot say that the horses he took are without their uses, horse thieves are not looked upon fondly in human lands.

Our cohort grows as well. I was surprised to see another grey elf so far from the isles, but it would seem that she is not from the Grey City itself and is, disappointingly, a wildling. Risa, she calls herself. It is just as well, spending time with a rough and undignified group such as this has worn at my own dignity and I would likely embarrass myself in the company of another from the cities. Since our goals seem to be to hide from civilization, perhaps her druidic skills will be an asset to us.

- 7 -

Wilderness. We just had to get ourselves as far from the roads as possible.

Circumstance keeps placing me in situations where I cannot take advantage of my strengths. Perhaps I should begin planning according to the least convenient thing that could possibly happen. I hadn’t anticipated needing to rely on my rations so soon, but here I am, on some filthy excuse for a horse, ambling around in a backwoods I do not remotely recognize, trying to reach some location known only to Lucila all the while avoiding travelled roads in order to keep from assassination. I wonder if the latter option isn’t the superior one at this point.

I am concerned that I did not acquire enough food. I am also concerned that barely anyone in our group knows how to navigate in the wilds. The wildling has hindered her ability to communicate her knowledge to us because she has chosen to take the form of a horse and act as the queen’s steed. An undignified gesture, even for a wildling, but our employer is pleased with it.

As a group, we are beginning to tire of each other’s company. The halfling and the ranger have been squabbling since we left town. Some of our company insists on wasting energy setting up and taking down tents when both I and the warlock have spells at our disposal that provide more safety than a tent. The warlock has chosen to be petty and refuses to allow others into his “hut”, forcing me to share with everyone who needs it.

Sharing with so many people has made it difficult for me to focus on my research of new wards when I inevitably come out of my trance before they wake. At least I am getting practice with the basics as I place alarms all about the camp.


For those of you wondering where the part with the caravanserai is, that’s going to be in next session’s writeup.

Seren's Journal III

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